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                Electrical  Information

The wired remote control connects to the converter case through a 9-pin

male - female connector similar to the serial mouse connector in a PC

and need no further explaining.

The car antenna's cable connects to the converter's 6 inch (15 cm.) female

extension , and converter output comes from an F connector at its case. The

supplied  antenna extension bridges the converter and the car radio.

There are 3 coloured pigtails coming out from the remote's 9 pin connector

for supplying power  ( 12 Volts , Negative Ground )  to the converter.

BLACK :    Connects to good Ground

RED :   Connects mainly to switched on-off output of your car radio or
            the feed of electrical powered antenna.
            The idea is to have one switch turn both the radio and converter
            ON and OFF.
            The RED wire feeds power (250mA. current , 3W) to the converter.
             On some CD receivers , particularly the Sony CDX-GT260  which
             we tested  the switched output to the antenna could only deliver
             100 mA. which is way too small for feeding the converter .  In this
             case we need to install a small external relay for increasing power to
             the converter. Before installing the converter  find out how much
             current the switched on-off output  can deliver.  If it can deliver an
             extra 250 mA. to feed the converter in addition to feeding the
             antenna relay then you are OK . Otherwise install a small relay and
             a backward biased diode to protect the CD receiver's switched output.

GREEN :   This one connects to the battery or the clock and feeds the
                 converter memory for remembering its last state after  turning
                 the converter OFF.  It draws very little power from battery,
                 ( 0.5 microAmps )
                  If you don't care about memory you can connect it together
                  with RED

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