The Undergraduate Major in Psychology at Talladega College


Purpose:                The purpose of the major in Psychology is to improve the analytical, writing, oral and reading skills of students which will help prepare them for graduate school and better prepare them for jobs/careers in their discipline.   


Use of Assessment Findings:             Assessment data are used to strengthen the curriculum with revisions of existing course work and development of new courses, where indicated to enhance the graduates’ success in advanced degree programs and employment.


Learning Outcomes

Expected Results

Assessment Methods

actual results


use of results


1.0    Students will learn basic psychological concepts such as learning styles, psychological disorders, personality theories, brain functions, psychosocial development, and states of consciousness. 


·         75% of. Students will pass the posttest with a grade of “c” or better.

·         75% of students will complete all other exams and assignments in General Psychology (Psy 100) and additional foundations courses.


·         Students will be evaluated by pre and post-tests, which will enable a direct comparison of learning during the course of the initial exposure to psychology.  Traditional methods such as successful completion of the course as demonstrated through examination, essay assignments, and class participation will also be used (see rubric)



2.0    All psychology students will display effective written and oral communication skills.

·         75% Students will demonstrate such skills through written assignments in foundation and upper level courses

·         Research projects, oral presentations, and power point demonstrations (see rubric).



3.0    TC/PSY graduates will complete internship in psychology and have hands on experiences in clinical and/or research settings.


·         75% of the students will complete internship (PSY 494) with a grade of “B” or better and receive a favorable evaluation.

·         75% of psychology graduates will pass exit exam.

·         Site supervisors will assess student’s ability to apply psychological knowledge in clinical or research setting using rubric.

·         Psychology exit exam (to be developed).