Assessment Rubric for SLO # 4: Oral Communication Skills


Student ____________________ Course __________ Date __________



Performance Category

Rating = 4

Rating = 3

Rating = 2

Rating = 1





Presenter follows logical sequence and provides explanations/ elaboration.


Presenter follows logical sequence, but fails to elaborate.


Presenter does not follow logical sequence (jumps around in presentation).


There is no logical sequence of information.





Eye Contact


Presenter seldom returns to notes, maintaining eye contact with audience throughout the presentation.


Presenter maintains eye contact with audience most of the time, but occasionally returns to notes.


Presenter reads most of report, but occasionally makes eye contact with audience.


Presenter reads entire report, making no eye contact with audience.






Presenter speaks clearly and loud enough for all in audience to hear, makes no grammatical errors, and pronounces all terms correctly and precisely.


Presenter speaks clearly and loud enough to be heard by most in audience, makes relatively few grammatical errors, and pronounces most terms correctly.


Presenterís voice is relatively clear, but too low to be heard by those in the back of the room.Presenter makes several major grammatical errors, and mispronounces some terms.


Presenter mumbles, mispronounces terms, and makes serious and persistent grammatical errors throughout presentation.Presenter speaks too quietly to be heard by many in audience.