Assessing Intended Outcomes in Administrative and Educational Support Units 

Overview of the Assessment Process 

• Implementing/Assessing Intended Outcomes* 

• Creating Assessment Plans; Embedding Assessment 
• Building Performance Assessment Rubrics 
• Creating Simple and Effective Data Reports 
• Reporting and Evaluating Assessment Findings; Closing the Loop 
• Sample Assessment Plans with Related Rubrics, Data Reports and Reports of Assessment Findings 
*Outcomes for administrative and educational support units often focus on the effectiveness and efficiency of services provided, constituent satisfaction, and impact on services, functions, processes or student learning. 


Review of Key Information/Steps Taken Prior to Creating the Assessment Plan 
• Identify institutional goals. 

• Identify primary functions of the unit. 

Focus of Assessment 
• Indicate if assessment will focus on effectiveness, efficiency, constituent satisfaction or impact on functions, services, processes or student learning.



• Find and create assessment rubrics in RubiStar

• Manage and track assessment data with the KAPS tracking system.


Group Work

• Participants will break into small groups to develop assessment plans.

• Representatives from groups will present the plans to all participants.