Improving Courses through Embedded Assessment and Course Portfolio Review






Outcomes Mapping for Assessment

         List program learning outcomes. 

         Identify courses that contribute to each outcome. 

         Target a course or courses for assessment.

         Review syllabi and identify related SLOs and means of assessment.


Hands-on activity: participants will complete an outcomes mapping exercise.





Developing and Implementing the Annual Assessment Plan 

         Specify SLOs to be assessed in 2009-10.

         Identify assignments in which assessment will be conducted. 

         Select assessment procedures.

         Specify student performance criteria.

         Conduct assessment activities. 

         Evaluate data and report findings. 

         Close the loop.


Hands-on activity: participants will develop an annual assessment plan.





Creating a Course Improvement Plan

         Study findings from assessment activities and a review of course portfolios.

         Determine areas needing improvement. 

         Specify course effectiveness outcomes (CEOs). 

         Select teaching methods and/or evaluation techniques for each CEO.

         Identify criteria for success. 


Hands-on activity: participants will create a course improvement plan.


Dr. Larry Kelley