Assessment Rubric for SLO # 2: Problem Solving Skills


Student ____________________ Course __________ Date __________



Performance Category







Less Than








Defining the Problem


Student states the problem clearly and identifies underlying issues.


Student adequately defines the problem.


Student fails to define the problem adequately.


Student does not identify the problem.





Developing a Plan to Solve the Problem


Student develops a clear and concise plan to solve the problem, with alternative strategies, and follows the plan to conclusion.


Student develops an adequate plan and follows it to conclusion.


Student develops a marginal plan, and does not follow it to conclusion.


Student does not develop a coherent plan to solve the problem.







Collecting and Analyzing Information


Student collects information from multiple sources and analyzes the information in-depth.


Student collects adequate information and performs basic analyses.


Student collects inadequate information to perform meaningful analyses.


Student collects no viable information.





Interpreting Findings and Solving the Problem


Student provides a logical interpretation of the findings and clearly solves the problem, offering alternative solutions.


Student provides an adequate interpretation of the findings and solves the problem, but fails to provide alternatives.


Student provides an inadequate interpretation of the findings and does not derive a logical solution to the problem.


Student does not interpret the findings/reach a conclusion.