Using Embedded Assessment to Enhance Course and Program Effectiveness


Workshop Agenda


Outcomes Mapping

        List program learning outcomes. 

        Identify courses that contribute to each outcome. 

        Review syllabi and identify related SLOs and assignments for assessment.



Creating and Implementing the Annual Assessment Plan 

        Specify SLOs to be assessed during the upcoming academic year.

        Identify assignments in which assessment will be conducted. 

        Select assessment procedures.

        Specify student performance criteria.

        Build performance assessment rubrics. 

        Conduct assessment activities. 

        Evaluate data and report findings. 

        Close the loop.


Note: create a course portfolio as you develop the assessment plan.



Creating and Implementing Course Effectiveness Outcomes

        Study previous assessment findings. 

        Determine areas needing improvement. 

        Specify course effectiveness outcomes. 

        Select related teaching methods and/or evaluation techniques. 

        Identify criteria for success. 

        Compare assessment findings to criteria.

        Take appropriate actions. 


Demonstration: the facilitator will demonstrate use of RubiStar to find and create performance assessment rubrics.



Hands-on activity: each participant, or groups of participants, will complete the curriculum mapping exercise and develop at least one intended outcome statement for an annual assessment plan. At the end of this activity, participants will report on work completed.