FOSC 301 - SLO # 3



Embedded Questions



Embedded question #1. Explain “cold sterilization” with respect to ionizing irradiation (5 points).



Embedded question #2. The efficacy of irradiation is greatly dependent upon penetrating power and radiation effect of radiations. Describe direct effects AND indirect effects of irradiation (5 points).



Embedded question #3. Your company has asked you to investigate the advantages and disadvantages of ionizing irradiation as a means of inactivating pathogens in your product, alfalfa sprout. List some advantages and disadvantages of irradiation for this product (5 points).



Embedded question #4. Describe the principle mechanisms of microwave heating in foods. You may use “dancing effect on microwave on water molecules” for easy explanation (5 points).



Embedded question #5. Modified atmosphere packaged (MAP) products contain mixtures of three gases, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and oxygen. Discuss the function of each as to it influence on the microbiological quality of a food product (5 points).



Embedded question #6. “Commercial sterilization” refers to a heat treatment applied to low-acid canned foods designed to destroy pathogens. How does this process differ in its objectives from the heat process called “pasteurization” (5 points)?



Embedded question #7. Describe what you have learned from this course. Please include your personal thought, suggestions, or any comments about this course in this section (6 points).