FOSC 301 - SLO # 2



Embedded Questions



Embedded question #1. Discuss about changes of food products during freezing, i.e., why is the texture of food disrupted and the proteins in foods are denatured during freezing storage (5 points).



Embedded question #2. Describe the physical and chemical changes in food during drying (5 points).



Embedded question #3. How do LAB inhibit spoilage or poisoning in cheese products (5 points)?



Embedded question #4. Water activity (Aw) provides better understanding about food quality than water content of foods. What is Aw? AND explain the reasons that Aw is more frequently used to predict microbial spoilage of foods rather than water content of foods (5 points).



Embedded question #5. Describe what you have learned from this course. Please include your personal thought, suggestions, or any comments about this course in this section (6 points).