FOSC 301 SLO # 1



Embedded Questions



Embedded question #1. Explain the terms such as free radicals, rennin, emulsifiers, diacetyl, etc. (18 points)



Embedded question #2. Give ONE of the name for low-calorie sweetener discussed in the class, AND explain how the particular sweetener that you have chosen provides lower calories than ordinary sugar (5 points).



Embedded question #3. Hydrogenation of fats is widely used in the food industry. What are the major purposes of hydrogenation of fats? AND discuss about health aspects of consuming hydrogenated fats (5 points).



Embedded question #4. Contrast the terms such as saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, high acid and low acid foods, peptide bond and glycosidic bond, etc. (16 points)



Embedded question #5. Describe what you have learned from this course. Please include your personal thought, suggestions, or any comments about this course in this section (6 points).