Assessment Rubric for Intended Outcome # 3



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General Resume


Student Name: ___________________________________________________________________________________









Resume is difficult to read. Organization is confusing - no categories or headings.

Resume is somewhat difficult to read. Some organization, but uneven lines or inconsistent fonts.

Resume is easy to read. Categories and headings are used for organization.

Resume is easy to read and visually pleasing. Categories and headings are well defined.

Writing Skill & Grammar

Poorly written, difficult to understand. Mistakes in grammar, spelling, punctuation. Little effort given to include information. Handed back for correction.

Some mistakes in grammar, spelling and punctuation. Minimal effort in word usage and information. Handed back for correction.

No mistakes in grammar, spelling, punctuation. Good effort given to word usage and information.

No mistakes in grammar, spelling, punctuation. Strong effort given to word choice and information included was valuable.


One reference, not all information complete or lined up.

Two to three references, but information not complete or lined up.

Three references with information accurate and lined up.

More than three references all accurate and lined up.

Quality of Information

Poor effort given to accuracy of information. Not complete.

Some effort given to include important information, but not complete.

Information accurate and complete.

Strong effort given to include pertinent information. Very complete.


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