Regional Networks for Accreditation Support

A Not-for-Profit Organization (501 Status Pending)


Training for Reviewers of Curricular, Instructional and Assessment Materials


Houston, Texas, August 27, 2009

Dallas, Texas, August 28, 2009


The Regional Networks will offer one-day intensive training programs to prepare assessment practitioners to review a wide range of curricular, instructional and assessment materials.

These include the following:

        Outcomes mapping projects (Map program outcomes to course-level SLOs and ongoing assignments.)


        Course portfolios (syllabi, samples of assignments, course handouts, lecture outlines, instructor PPTs, assessment instruments, etc.) for courses in which assessment is conducted


        Annual assessment plans


        Course effectiveness and/or teaching enhancement plans


Registration fee: $100. Lunch is included.

Click on to access the Regional Networks homepage. Workshop links can be found under "Regional Networks Workshops" near the bottom of the page.


*      During 2009-10, faculty from various colleges and universities will submit materials for review as they develop and implement their annual assessment plans and follow-up course effectiveness and/or teaching enhancement plans.


*      Those completing this training will qualify for stipends to review materials.


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