Annual Assessment Plan

Administrative Departments & Educational Support Services


Facilities Department


Department mission statement:

The Facilities Department at Lake City Community College exists to provide the physical environment needed to enhance to College mission and to plan and execute adequate resources for future needs. 


Work Center : Operations                 Academic Year: 08-09

Completed by:  Ken Edenfield          Date: October 30, 2008








Intended Outcomes


Assessment Measures


Performance Criteria/Expected Results

Related Strategic Plan Goal

Evaluation and Planned Actions

Use of Results

(Close the Loop)

Facilities department will address complaints and/or correct problems related to overall campus cleanliness in a timely manner.

Email-log date of complaint via work order program; turn around time of correcting problem, personal contact; return email of completed job via work order program

Turn around of complaint within 5 days

(4) 4.3

(4) 4.5



Mail Custodians will have access to daily expenditures.

Daily balancing through budget manager

All mail and shipping budgets updated in 24 hours.

(4) 4.3

(4) 4.4

(4) 4.5         



NOTE: assessment should focus on effectiveness, efficiency, constituent satisfaction, or impact on functions, services, processes or student learning.