Annual Assessment Plan

Administrative Departments & Educational Support Services


Department: Admissions Academic Year: 2008-2009


Completed by: Sandra Johnston Date: November 5, 2008


1. Mission Statement: To aid in the recruitment, admission, retention and graduation of students at Lake City Community College.








Intended Outcomes


Assessment Measures


Performance Criteria/Expected Results

Related Strategic Plan Goal

Evaluation and Planned Actions

Use of Results

(Close the Loop)

Admissions/Enrollment Management Staff will insure that programs offered by the college are accurately represented at recruitment events.

Review of information from Educational Affairs Committee and Instructional Council Committee meetings; conferral with Deans as to validity and accuracy of program brochures.

No errors or misrepresentations of information will be identified.





Enhance enrollment and retention outcomes by improving the attendance at the new student orientation (NSO).







The number of invitations sent to new entering students will be compared to the number of students attending each respective NSO.

Mailing lists for the NSO invitations will be compared to the sign-in sheets at the NSO for two successive fall terms. A percentage comparison will be made for each year.

3.3 Increase student enrollment, retention, and graduation

Based upon the comparative rate of attendance at each of the two NSO sessions, a 1% or more increase is expected to occur in attendance.

Based upon the resultant increase or decrease in attendance, improved communications i.e. mail, email or web will be sent to subsequent new students. An additional refinement of the NSO presentation may also be implemented to increase attendance.

NOTE: assessment should focus on effectiveness, efficiency, constituent satisfaction, or impact on functions, services, processes or student learning.