Department:                          Academic Year:  2008-09

Completed by:                       Date:  September 22, 2009



1.  Department Mission Statement:   To aid in the recruitment, admission, retention and graduation of students at Lake City Community College








Intended Outcomes


Assessment Measures


Performance Criteria/Expected Results

Related Strategic Plan Goal

Evaluation and Planned Actions

Actions Taken

(Close the Loop)

Provide the most current test administration materials, technology and supplies as directed by the DOE and/or    contracted test providers.           

Deadlines established by the DOE and/or contracted test providers.

Meet all established deadlines.

4.4, 4.5

Deadlines were met.

The most current test administration materials, technology and supplies have been updated.

 Provide necessary training to proctors and examiners to maintain certification/recertification as required by DOE and/or contracted test providers

Current certification.

Proctors and examiners maintain current certification.


Proctors and examiners have current certifications.



Continue to provide opportunities to ensure proctors and examiners have current certification.

Workshops: Students will acquire knowledge and skills to improve issues related to test anxiety, test strategies and study skills.

Surveys, pre-test post-test, and individual interviews.

Students will indicate improved skills and/or understanding of the subjects covered in the workshops.


Students indicated improved skills and understanding based on individual interviews after the workshop.


Students requested additional workshops.

Plan to schedule additional workshops.

NOTE: assessment should focus on effectiveness, efficiency, constituent satisfaction, or impact on functions, services, processes or student learning.