Program:  Turf Equipment Technology


Academic Year: 2008-2009                Completed by: John R. Piersol           Date:  8/17/09










Intended Outcomes

(Program Outcomes/Goals)

Student Learning Outcomes

(Core Skills and Objectives)


Assessment Measures


Performance Criteria/Expected Results

Evaluation & Planned Actions

Use of Results

(Close the Loop)


Demonstrates understanding of government regulations and compliances for the golf industry


Be able to name the organizations that regulate golf maintenance and list important regulations


Written internship report


80% of students will earn a minimum of  29/40 points on their written internship report


78% of the students met the standard




Three students did not submit the required report and received an “F”; students who completed their report were successful



Perform basic welding tasks


Be able to perform a functional “stick” weld


Practical welding test in lab evaluated by instructor visual inspection


80% of students will earn a satisfactory on practical welding test


100% of the students successfully mastered basic welding



Our welding instructor is effectively teaching welding skills



Design a functional golf maintenance facility


Be able to draw a practical golf course maintenance facility design


Shop design project submitted to instructor as part of Golf Course Shop Management I


80% of students will earn a satisfactory on the mandatory shop design project


96% of the students submitted a satisfactory golf course maintenance facility design



Students are mastering the skill of designing a basic layout for a golf course maintenance facility









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