Annual Assessment Plan

Administrative Departments & Educational Support Services


Department:  Registrar                                 Academic Year:         2009-10


Completed by:  Gayle Hunter                        Date:   September 22, 2009


1.  Mission Statement:  To aid in student registration and graduation processes and maintain and safeguard accurate student academic records in compliance with college, state, and federal laws, rules, and procedures.








Intended Outcomes


Assessment Measures


Performance Criteria/Expected Results

Related Strategic Plan Goal

Evaluation and Planned Actions

Actions Taken

(Close the Loop)

Create and implement the Compliance Audit Program Planning (CAPP) degree audit

CAPP degree audits for all programs created and implemented

The online compliance audit will be operational by Fall, 2010




Provide faculty and staff training in the use of the Banner System.

Develop training materials.

Provide training sessions.

Materials will be developed for various processes.

Training sessions will be held once classification access is assigned.










NOTE: assessment should focus on effectiveness, efficiency, constituent satisfaction, or impact on functions, services, processes or student learning.