Department:  Research and Institutional Effectiveness       Academic Year:  2009-2010

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1.  Department Mission Statement: The mission of Research and Institutional Effectiveness is to promote institutional effectiveness by providing support for maintaining SACS accreditation, coordinating program review and assessment, and providing statistical analysis to be used to make college improvements.








Intended Outcomes


Assessment Measures


Performance Criteria/Expected Results

Related Strategic Plan Goal

Evaluation Results

Planned Actions


Coordinate the process of identification and reporting of substantive changes to SACS

Track substantive change notifications.

Notifications will be made according to the requirements of SACS Substantive Change Policy




Integrate the college’s program review and annual assessment processes with Strategic Planning Online              

Utilize the program management and outcomes assessment modules in SPOL

Integration of the processes by Fall 2010.




Provide accurate information and/or data to college personnel and external entities.

Research reports, surveys & analyses supporting program reviews, QEP and Title III assessment; LCCC Fact Book & Pocket Fact cards;

Data submissions to external entities (ACT, College Board, etc); Student evaluations of instructors

Completion and submission/distribution of all products by the scheduled due date or customer need date.

1.4; 4.3; 4.5



NOTE: assessment should focus on effectiveness, efficiency, constituent satisfaction, or impact on functions, services, processes or student learning.