Identify positive aspects of culture rubric for “cultural awareness,” a general learning outcome for Humanities.



No  0-1 points

Approaching  2-3 points

Yes 4-5 points

Answer or essay accurately states a belief, practice, value, or creation of the culture, using appropriate vocabulary.




Answer or essay clearly explains the student’s personal reflection on why he/she appreciates or respects the identified aspect (belief, practice, value or creation) of a divergent culture.




Answer or essay provides a logical explanation as to why the student’s attitude towards the divergent culture is more tolerant or more positive as a result of his/her study.






The above is the proposed grading rubric I am proposing for the following demonstrative aspect of cultural awareness for Gen Ed HUM courses: “Students will begin to develop greater tolerance and appreciation of cultural differences and/or interconnections and by extension begin to develop a global perspective, through the identification of positive elements in different cultures.”