Department: Media & Community Information                                                               Academic Year: 2008-2009


Completed by: Mike McKee, Sonja Yarbrough, & Mark Kirby                                         Development Date: October 31, 2008

                                                                                                                                    Assessment Date: September 24, 2009


1.  Mission Statement:  The Media & Community Information Division’s mission is to present a proactive, positive, accurate public image of the college, its programs and services, both internally and externally, to provide superior community services and enrichment opportunities to its district.








Intended Outcomes


Assessment Measures


Performance Criteria/Expected Results

Related Strategic Plan Goal

Evaluation and Planned Actions

Use of Results

(Close the Loop)

The A/V department will provide the college &

community with facility

scheduling that provides

superior service with required equipment, no schedule conflicts and high constituency satisfaction.

Survey evaluations of constituent usage of facilities and equipment requests as to satisfaction of services requested. Were they accurate, requests handled promptly, no building or room conflicts, etc.

Survey results indicating satisfaction of at least 80 percent.

6.1, 6.2

>A/V scheduled campus

facilities for 100+ events,

conferences, meetings,

performances and

lectures. LCCC facility

usage attracted a wide

range of campus,

community, regional, and

national organizations.

>Surveys were given to

each group using

facilities. Of the

completed surveys

returned the majority

indicated exceptional

ratings (scored 1-5; 5

being the highest). The

other scores (4) were

generally for temperature control.


The survey results

measured satisfaction

with the following items:


readiness, setup,

cleanliness, availability

of staff, responsiveness

of staff, room

temperature and


>These results, while

high, set a standard that

all future scheduling

should meet. It

statistically confirms the

A/V department is

meeting their goals of

superior service with

required equipment, no

schedule conflicts and

high constituency


>In addition it meets the

strategic Plan Goal of

6.1 and 6.2.

>Documentation resides

in hard copy in the A/V


and should meet


The public information office will develop a weekly schedule of faculty & staff newspaper columns.

Weekly/yearly scheduled columns submitted by deadline to newspaper. Submitted columns edited to Associated Press Style, facts checked to accuracy and maintained to required word count.

Weekly columns will be submitted each week of the year with an 80 percent success rate.


The PIO has

successfully submitted

52 columns (weekly),

meeting a 100%

performance goal, to the

Lake City Reporter.

>In addition the columns

are released to the Lake

City Journal online

newspaper with 100%

placement, the LCCC

Web site, as well as

reoccurring in the district

papers on an irregular

basis due space

considerations of the


>Documentation resides

in hardcopy from the

newspapers and

computer copies in the



>The result is the

college retains the

privilege of submitting

editorial copy (over 5

years) vs. paid

advertising, from faculty,

staff, and administrators.

It is edited to AP Style

standards, checked for

accuracy and edited to

the required word count.

>The office maintains

weekly contact with the

editor and various

reporters who recognize

the quality of work

submitted by the



indicates that readers

look for the college’s

column each Sunday.

>Goal 6.1 is also met.


The performing arts center will increase subscriber base to annual Lyceum events.

Survey questions developed with input from Research & Institutional Effectiveness office. Data is collected and analysis made to determine future Lyceum events.


Increase Lyceum subscribers for 2009-2010 season by 10 percent.

7.4, 7.5

>The 2009-2010 Lyceum

Series continues to sign

up subscribers. At this

point the PAC has

distributed 235 season

tickets vs. last year’s final

total of approximately

250 subscribers. The

season ticket sales are

ongoing and should meet

or exceed the goal of a

10% increase in


>This year the direct mail

campaign added an

additional 2,000+

randomly selected

households (Lake City &

Live Oak) to mail to mail

the brochure to in

addition to prior

subscribers and the

Chamber of Commerce

mailing list. The number

of new subscribers from

Live Oak has increased.

>A survey of attendees

to the December 2, 2008

performance indicated a

high approval of

selection of shows,

variety and ticket


>Documentation resides

in the PAC in hardcopy


>The results were

utilized to contract with a

variety of new

performances and

retaining favorites of Big

Band, magic shows and

Blue Grass


>Documentation resides

in the PAC in hardcopy.

>A new survey will be

administered again this

year for the 2010-2011

season selections.

>Survey information will

be used to continually

upgrade performance

selections and new


>In addition, a goal not

set but definitely

influential in the success

of the series and public

awareness was the

increase in monetary

sponsorships to $5,100

compared to last year’s

total of $3,470

>Strategic Plan Goal 7.4

and 7.5 were met by the

PAC coordinator by his

involvement within the

community in the

following organizations

and/or events: Habitat

for Humanity, LCCC’s

College Night, the

annual literacy

fundraiser spelling bee,

attendance at all

Community Concert

performances, volunteer

cameraman for LCCC’s

Perspective shows and

for the District Board of

Trustees. In addition he

attended numerous

community events held

in the PAC such as:

dance recitals, plays,

and musical shows.


NOTE: assessment should focus on effectiveness, efficiency, constituent satisfaction, or impact on functions, services, processes or student learning.