Department:    Library                       Academic Year: 2009-2010


Completed by: Jim Morris                 Date: July 2009


1.  Mission Statement:  The mission of the Library is to support the educational and enrichment goals of the College, through a well-organized collection of print and non-print materials, providing instruction and access to information that is not bound by time or place.








Intended Outcomes


Related Functions, Services or Processes

Assessment Measures


Assessment Focus*

Related Strategic Plan Goal

Performance Criteria/Expected Results

Hold the first LCCC library book sale in more than 30 years 

Budgetary, efficiency in the modernization of the collection in preparation for the move to the new building

Numbers of books and media items collected for the sale, and amount derived from sale

Efficiency, cost effectiveness, new materials for student learning


Expect to raise between $3000 and $5000 in funds to be used for purchase of new library materials

Develop a film series of copyright free movies to be shown at the library and exported to the college centers in Dixie and Gilchrist

Library programming and services

Total number of films shown, number and location of film series, and numbers of students, community members who participate

Constituent satisfaction


Anticipate showing two film series on campus, one series at each center, reaching ten students at each center, fifty students on campus (films will also be shown on College ITFS channel)

Revise the LCCC Library website to make it more student friendly

Improved access for students

Number of hits per page and a user satisfaction survey

Constituent satisfaction, more effective access to information and thus, student learning


Expect more students to successfully use the library website to find information (reflected in statistics and survey…at least a 10% increase)

Completely revise the Student Library Orientation, implementing a combined audio, video, and text approach

Improved student performance in research and information literacy skills

Number of students who complete the orientation, student assessment scores, and number of web page hits

Improved effectiveness of the orientation and information literacy program, contributing to student learning


Expected information literacy scores to improve by 10 % over existing scores from the Info Game


*effectiveness, efficiency, constituent satisfaction, or impact on functions, services, processes or student learning