Program:  Associate of Science Degree Nursing


Academic Year: 2009-2010                Completed by: Mattie Jones, Brenda Berryhill                                    Date:  September 18, 2009


*Mission:  The mission of the Associate of Science Degree in Nursing at Lake City Community College is to prepare students to be knowledgeable, safe, effective nurses eligible to take the NCLEX exam.








Intended Outcomes

(Program Outcomes/Goals)

Student Learning Outcomes

(Core Skills and Objectives)


Assessment Measures


Performance Criteria/Expected Results

Evaluation & Planned Actions

Use of Results

(Close the Loop)

As a Provider of Patient Care, incorporate established professional standards, guidelines, and competencies to provide culturally appropriate care.


Graduates will demonstrate program competency on the NCLEX-RN examination.


NCLEX Results

Eighty-five percent (85%) of graduates who sit for the NCLEX-RN examination will achieve a pass rate that is equal to or exceeds the NCLEX benchmark and State of Florida pass rates.




As a Manager of Care, demonstrate effective, efficient use of human, physical, financial and technological resources in meeting patient needs and supporting organizational outcomes.


Employers will rate the job performance of program graduates as favorable on employer surveys.

Employer satisfaction survey which are sent out 4-6 months after graduation.

Eighty percent (80%) of returned employer surveys will rate the graduates as above average or higher in their ability to:         

A. provides clinical care to a group of patients.

b. Manage care for a group of patients efficiently, while delegating effectively.

c. Practice within an ethical and legal framework.




As member of the discipline, demonstrate professional attitudes and behavior.


Graduating students will report satisfaction with the program.


Student satisfaction survey which are administered in the final semester of the ASDN program

Eighty percent (80%) of the returned RN Graduate Surveys will demonstrate program satisfaction at an above average or higher level.