Program:  Agribusiness Management


Academic Year: 2008-2009    Completed by: JGrimes         Date:  November 6, 2008


*Mission:  Graduate employable students with a basic understanding of the functions in owning, operating, or managing an agribusiness.








Intended Outcomes

(Program Outcomes/Goals)

Student Learning Outcomes

(Core Skills and Objectives)


Assessment Measures


Performance Criteria/Expected Results

Evaluation & Planned Actions

Use of Results

(Close the Loop)

Select methods of computing interest on small business loans

Understand the process of computing interest paid, payment on principal, and determining total payment

Project assessment:

Complete assigned calculations for interest paid, principal payment, and total loan payment at the end of the term

80% of students will complete the final project with 90% accuracy.



Performance of accounting activities

Basic understanding of posting business transactions to general journal

Mastery Projects:

Based on accounting information given, the student will record the information in a journal. The journal must be complete and accurate

80% of students will complete the project assessment with 80% accuracy



Basic understanding in the use of GPS handheld receiver

Prepare the handheld to receive satellite data

Mastery of assigned activities through class instruction and in-field use of handheld unit to receive accurate information

All students will complete the in-field assignment accurately so that maps may be drawn using the data










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