†††††††††††††††††††††††††††† TALLADEGA COLLEGE†††††††††

†††††††††† Student Learning Outcome Matrix 2008-2009


Purpose: To prepare students for careers through the study of Chemistry (2008-2009)†††

Use of Assessment Findings:To improve students skills













Students will have firm foundations in the fundamentals and application of current chemical and scientific theories.

CHE 101

CHE 201

Students will understand the general principles of chemistry. They will compare, contrast and predict physical and chemical properties based on atomic and molecular structure.

Assignments, quizzes, recitations, test, internet exercises and laboratory assignments.

Students (87%)

Demonstrated the knowledge and understanding of chemical principles and basic background fundamentals through presentation, reports, assignments and exams.

Presentation templates will be used in the future. Basic pedagogical methodologywill be employed with some modification to keep current.

Students will be able to design, carry out, record and analyze the results of chemical experiments.

CHE 101

CHE 201

CHE 301

Students will be able to independently perform accurate quantitative measurements, interpret experimental results, perform calculations on these results and draw a reasonable, accurate conclusion.

Laboratory assignments, written assignments and field assignments

Manifestation of studentís ability to design, implement and analyze was shown through observations and written reports.


Laboratory procedures will study and analyzed for success, modified and used in the future.

Students will be able to use modern instrumentation and classical techniques, to design experiments, and to properly record the results of their experiment.

CHE 302

Students will communicate critical analysis of scientific information through written reports and laboratorynotebooks. Students will use chemical literature and computer resources to gather research information.

Research reports: both experimental and theoretical and laboratory, presentations, notebook instructions and frequent checks

Through a verbal collaboration arrangement, students were exposed to more sophisticated instrumentation to learn techniques and develop skills.


We will perpetuate the collaboration agreements and try to expand it. We will use this experiment to improve in-house exposure for our students.

Students will be skilled in problems solving, critical thinking and analytical reasoning.

CHE 101

CHE 301

CHE 401

Students will solve a variety of problems using a variety of approaches and techniques.

Quizzes, exams and drills.

Students expressed and proved skills gained during oral and written presentations.


Improving the skills of our students will be a continuous process using knowledge gained from previous efforts.

Students will improve writing skills and recognize the value of effective writing.

CHE 401

CHE 495

Students will be given discipline related writing assignments to perform and required to use searching and retrieval methods

The assignments will be read and graded for grammar, sentence structure, diction, punctuation and other writing error.

Students 80% were required to write in each course and write laboratory experiments for submission. Students showed marked improvement. Some after repeated efforts of corrections.

We found that improving students writing is a repeating effort after correcting. We will employ this technique in the future along with more independent student efforts.