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                 Name: Jenifer Aniston
                    Age: 30
                D.O.B: February, 11, 1969
           Tv Shows: Friends
                Movies: Picture Perfect, Object Of My
                            Affection and Shes The One
                 Name: Jenifer Lopez
                    Age: 29
                D.O.B: July, 24, 1970
                 Movies: Anaconda

                  Name: Jenifer Love Hewitt
                    Age: 30
                 D.O.B: February, 21, 1979
               Movies: I know what you did last summer,
                             I still know what you did last summer.
            Tv Shows: Party Of Five
                 Album: Lets Go Bang


                 Name: Shania Twain
                    Age: 34
                D.O.B: August, 28, 1965