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Listed in reverse chronological order, most recent on top. The dates are done to the best of my recollection. Other dates concerning this page are listed too.


August 2: I've been on a lot of trips in the past three months:

January 15: Assorted odd fall pictures are now up on IA 149, 82, 198, and 13, plus 428. All I have left is the Sageville intersection and IA/MO 27. This is the last update during the Bush administration, this site having started when it was ten months old. This also means the state and federal executive branches are completing their turnover from my college days, not to mention certain coaches - another sign of getting older, I guess.

January 3: Pictures from both ends of the state on my double-sided Labor Day weekend road trip: IA 183, 110, 977, 7, 197, and 15 in the west, and IA 187, 410, 38, and 32 in the east with 428 to follow at some point.


December 22: The Safari/Angelfire problem appears to be fixed. But ads seem to be more numerous...

August 17: If you're using Safari 3, you can't read this, or 3/4 or my site. Obviously not the best way to say it, but that's what I've found out. All you get is the Angelfire code stuff at the top of the page and then something happens in a "NOSCRIPT" code line that makes the browser choke. The only advice I can offer: Use Firefox or some other browser. (It would be ironic if Netscape 4 still worked.)

June 30: As I mentioned below, I traveled the Ottumwa bypass on November 19, the day it opened. Two days later, it snowed. Snow covered the state through Christmas and Valentine's Day, and it even snowed on Easter (which in 2008 fell on the second-earliest-possible day) and the day of the Veishea parade (a week earlier than it had been historically).

And then it started to rain.

The past eight months or so haven't been a picnic for Iowans. We've endured snow, cold, blizzards, rain, tornadoes, flooding, presidential candidates, and gas prices so out of control that "skyrocketing" is an understatement. (On New Year's Eve, after looking at my records, I predicted $3.75 on Memorial Day. Sometimes I hate it when I'm right.)

What does this have to do with highways? Plenty. Melting snow led to potholes. Rising waters washed away roadbeds to the point where the asphalt disintegrated (IA 150 near Vinton) or concrete slabs fell straight down (IA 22 near Muscatine, IA 1 near Solon). Crude oil is a major component of asphalt, not to mention the diesel powering the equipment. More relevant to this site, rainy days and closed roads mean a decreased ability to take trips, which themselves cost much more.

All that said, I have managed to do a few trips. Two of them have been to "roadgeek meets" in St. Louis and Chicago. Pictures coming back from St. Louis are on IA 81 and 103. More from the other trips will be put up eventually.

January 28: New photos from fall.

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