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NORTH End: Stoplight, US 52/61/151, Dubuque, Dubuque County

Facing south on 52/61/151

Photo by Jason Hancock

The highways in Dubuque got caught up in construction in the early 1990s as 52/61/151 was expanded to a four-lane, mostly-controlled-access road. But for a short segment near US 20, the road has some intersections. It goes under the west side of the US 20 bridge, and because of that, an access road must be used to get to 20. The north end of the access road, which is state-maintained as IA 946, meets 52/61/151 at an at-grade intersection.

The little boxes are part of a color-coded "wayfinding" system in Dubuque; a similar idea has been implemented in Clinton. Notably, these destinations take precedence over any mention of Illinois, even though taking the access road to 20 is the only way to cross into East Dubuque.

Facing west on 946

Photo by Jason Hancock

Up ahead is Locust Street, which used to carry 52/61/151 through this part of Dubuque. Today, Locust for a short distance either way from US 20 acts as the connecting road.

Facing north on 946

This is for traffic that has turned from 20 onto northbound Locust Street; straight ahead is Locust, a right reconnects to 52/61/151.

Facing east on 20

Just ahead, 20 intersects 946 and ends the four-lane road it has had since Moorland.

SOUTH End: Partial interchange, US 52/61/151, Dubuque, Dubuque County

Facing north on 52/61/151

On the south end of 946 is an exit from the northbound four-lane, seen below, and also a merge from southbound Locust to the four-lane.

Facing north on 52/61/151

This view gives a very nice perspective of the Julien Dubuque bridge, which carries US 20 into Illinois, and in the background the Dubuque-Wisconsin bridge, which carries US 61/151 into Wisconsin.

Pictures by Jason Hancock: First and second, 7/31/05

Pictures by me: Third, 8/9/07; fourth, 9/2/08; fifth and sixth, 4/18/06

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