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(June 26, 1985-July 1, 2003)

NORTH End: Stoplight, US 6 and IA 1, Iowa City, Johnson County

Facing north on 921

Highway 921 became the secret number for the last part of old US 218 in Iowa City after the final part of the western bypass opened in 1985. (Parts of old 218 farther south became part of IA 923 a few years earlier.) Before then, 218 was triplexed with 1 and 6 for 3/4 of a mile north of this intersection and an additional 4+ miles with 6 after 1 went east. The sign assembly does not reflect 1's complete route, for some odd reason; there should be a left-and-ahead arrow underneath it (a mirror image of 6's arrow).

Facing west on 6

The inclusion of Iowa City on these signs is pretty ridiculous given their location inside the city. Coralville only would be better.

Facing south on 1, but heading east on 6 / Closeup

Facing south on 1, but heading east on 6

Photo by Jason Hancock

The car in the center lane is about to start on 921.

Facing east. but heading north, on 1

SOUTH End: Interchange, US 218/IA 27, Johnson County

Facing south on 921 / Closeup

Photo by Jason Hancock

The last portion of 921 is not part of original 218, but a connecting road between the 218 freeway and the old two-lane which continued going south. (The north end of 923 is where the old two-lane meets this connector.) This was part of 218 for a few years while the rest of the bypass was constructed, which helps explain why this is a trumpet interchange and the main road becomes the southbound onramp.

Facing north on 218

Photo by Jason Hancock

According to the 2004 state map, the small piece connecting old and new 218 is now County Road F50, but physical marking as such is nonexistent.

Surrounding area information: Quasi-signage

Photo by Jason Hancock

The only marked existence of 921 is not on any signs on 218 or 6, but on two Iowa City street signs. About in the middle of its route, 921/old 218 separates from Riverside Drive for about 0.8 miles. At either end was a sign like the one above until 2003, when they were replaced with "Old Highway 218" signs.

Last seen: 2003 (Iowa City inset)

Pictures by Jason Hancock: Seventh and tenth-thirteenth, January 2002

Pictures by me: First-sixth, eighth, and ninth, 8/31/07

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