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(1942-July 1, 2003)

WEST End: Stop sign(s), US 69, Hamilton County

Facing west on 383

All these signs on 383 are before the intersection. Unlike IA 212, you will stop no matter which direction of 69 you choose. There are no signs for 69 at any point here.

Facing west on 383

Stanhope and Stratford are listed because they are on BGSs on I-35 east of here.

Facing north on 69

There are two LGSs northbound; one is before this assembly, the other is below.

Facing north

Turn right to go on 383. Turn left to return to northbound 69 at the stop sign below. Look at the pole under the LGS; the first eastbound sign is to its right. The circumstances of BOTH ends of 383 lead to more signs than would otherwise be needed.

Facing south on 69

Like Story County, southern Hamilton County also has a thing for signing every single way to I-35. (The LGS comes before the assembly.) I don't know why the "To" is in orange.

EAST End: 1st St., Randall, Hamilton County

Except both ends face WEST!

First, pictures will work clockwise to the end. Then, we'll turn around and work counterclockwise back to D65.

Facing east on 383

1) To get to I-35, continue going ahead. There is no signage for D65. At far left is the sign for WB 383 to turn.

For 383's turn from south to west, see picture 6 below.

Facing west, but heading east(!) on 383

2) This is the last block of 383, Main Street in Randall. The first sign "westbound" is on the pole at the far left.

Facing west / Facing north

3) A closeup of "End 383". 4) About five feet in front of the end sign, looking north. At the double arrow is 383, first entering town. Unlike IA 359, which ends by turning south and then east, 383 turns south and then backtracks west. It would have been more logical for 383 to come down this street and then turn east, ending up on the same block below. Not only that, but First Street continues south as a paved road to Story City.

Facing east, but heading west(!) on 383

5) This is looking down Main Street again. If 383 was straightforward about it, we'd be both heading and facing east, with its end at the far end of this block. Instead, we're facing east and heading "west".

Facing southeast

6) At left is the sign for WB 383 to turn north and then head west like it's supposed to. At right is the sign for EB 383 to turn west and finish up in the wrong direction.

Facing north, but heading west, on 383

7) This stop sign is the only one encountered on this end by traffic in either direction at either intersection.

Closeup of the sign on the right side

8) And, coming full circle, the 383 shield in the background is the one at the far left of picture 1.

Last seen: 2003

All pictures by me: 9/6/02

Page created 11/28/02; last updated 2/27/04

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