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(June 4, 1935-July 1, 2003)

Old WEST End: Intersection, W24/Main St., Spillville, Winneshiek County

Facing east on Bridge Street (old 325)

Photo by Jason Hancock

This intersection is the end Street Atlas gave me, but it was truncated to the city limits in 1980. Jason says the mile markers, erected circa 1970, still count down to this intersection.

WEST End: City limits of Spillville, Winneshiek County

Facing west on 325 ("End" sign is in middle of top picture)

Photos by Jason Hancock

Spillville is home of the Bily Clocks Museum and was where composer Antonin Dvorak lived in 1893. (I'd give you the Czech pronunciation for "Dvorak", but I can't even figure out how to write if phonetically!)

Facing east on 325

Photo by Jason Hancock

Like many spurs, the LGS leaving town shows the shield of the highway it ends at.

EAST End: Stop sign/T intersection, US 52, Winneshiek County

Facing east on 325

Photo by Monte Castleman

"Jct 52" before the previous picture and LGS

Photo by Jason Hancock

Because the west end has been moved, 325 is no longer exactly 4 miles long.

Facing north on 52

Photos by Jason Hancock

The brown signs are for the Dvorak Memorial Highway, in honor of Antonin Dvorak (see above). Notice the wooden pole for the mile marker, as opposed to the usual metal ones.

Last seen: 2003

Pictures by Jason Hancock: All but middle, 7/14/02

Middle picture by Monte Castleman: Summer 2002

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