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(June 4, 1935-July 1, 2003)

NORTH End: Stop sign, IA 175 and S55, Hardin County

Facing north on 299

The below pictures are a mix of pre- and post-decommissioning. "St Hwy 299" became "Co Hwy S55".

LGS in above picture / Rural sign and first 299 sign

Facing east on 175

Facing east on 175

The bracket from the assembly below hasn't been removed in this post-decommissioning picture.

Facing east on 175

Facing west on 175

Facing south on S55

SOUTH End: 4-way stop, Main St./D55/S57, New Providence, Hardin County

The intersection of Main and Main

Facing south on 299 / Facing southwest

Notice the yellowish-white garage in the background of the left picture, which also shows up in the right one. But if I'm facing south in the left picture, and the street sign is at the southeast corner of the intersection...I'm facing southwest and the street sign is completely backwards! How did that happen? The "N" is more south than the "S", and the "W" and "E" are similarly reversed.

Facing north on 299

Facing east on D55

This is just a block or so east of Main and Main. West of 299's end, S57 (although unsigned) goes west on Main for two blocks and then turns south. No county road signage was present at either end of 299 prior to decommissioning. The absence of signage for the D55 multiplex in what was 299's southernmost mile was not signed after decommissioning.

Last seen: 2003

All pictures by me: First-third, sixth, and eighth-twelfth, 3/23/02; fourth, fifth, and seventh, 4/4/06

Page created 5/8/02; last updated 5/14/06

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