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(1935-July 1, 2003)

NORTH End: City limits of Grand River, Decatur County

Facing north on 294

Photo by Richie Kennedy

Facing north on 294 / Facing south on 294

Photos by Neil Bratney

Like quite a few other highways, 294 hit the mileage almost exactly, in this case 6.

SOUTH End: Stop sign/T intersection, IA 2, Decatur County

Facing south on 294

Photo by Richie Kennedy

Closeup of LGS in above picture

Photo by Richie Kennedy

Facing west on 2

In the background is a sign for the county "Sanitary Landfill," which I think is a bit odd. Would there be any signs directing anyone to an unsanitary landfill?

Facing east on 2

Last seen: 2003

Pictures by Richie Kennedy: First, fourth, and fifth, 3/30/02

Pictures by Neil Bratney: Second and third, 9/2/02

Pictures by me: Sixth and seventh, 6/16/03

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