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(June 4, 1935-July 1, 2003)

WEST End: Wilson St., Brandon, Buchanan County

Facing west on 283

There is a substantial change in road width, about four or five feet. About where those cars are on the road, D48 and V71 are cosigned and turn right. See the back of the county road sign at the left?

Facing east on D48, barely

Photo by Jason Hancock

Here's that sign! Immediately you see the first sign for 283 east.

Facing east on 283, between Brandon and I-380

I-380 exit 49

Facing northwest, but heading north, on 380

Possibly surprisingly, 283 was not truncated to I-380 when the freeway was completed; it was signed to 150 just as it always had been.

Facing west on 283

The addition of IA 27 to I-380 resulted in probably the largest influx ever of metal poles in Iowa, as nearly all re-done configurations use them, including the duplex signs on the interstate itself. Prior to this metal poles were few and far between. (Seem awfully flimsy, if you ask me.) Notice also the smaller arrow under the 283 (see pictures at bottom).

EAST End: Stop sign, IA 150, Buchanan County

Facing east on 283

Left photo by Jason Hancock

Facing east on 283

The mileage to Urbana is mysteriously missing. The city limits (see IA 363) are four miles away, but the town itself is about seven.

Facing north on 150

Photo by Jason Hancock

LGS reads "^ Independence 11; <- Brandon 6"

Facing north on 150

This is NOT 30 miles from Vinton; it is 30 miles from 150's previous end in Cedar Rapids. (See IA 920.)

Facing south on 150 (2003)

Facing south on 150 (2008)

Last seen: 2003

Pictures by Jason Hancock: Second, seventh, and tenth, 12/9/01

Pictures by me: All but second, seventh, and tenth, 5/20/03; eleventh, 9/2/08

Page created 2/23/02; last updated 12/29/08

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