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NORTH End: I-80/I-35 exit 131, Urbandale, Polk County

Facing north on 28 (center of road)

Facing north on 28 (frontage road)

Photo by Neil Bratney

This is "End" sign number one, with somewhat oddly-shaped shields...

Facing north on 28

Photo by Neil Bratney

...and this is number two, on the north side of the bridge. Highway 401 used to continue north of here. This sign has since been removed, and relocated to the brown pole directly under the "North 35" in the top picture. This is probably because a tiny piece of 28 was turned over in the Second Great Decommissioning - in essence, a short bridge just north of the interstate, which went to the city of Johnston.

Facing north on 28

Photo by Jason Hancock

The Department of Transportation's Second Great Decommissioning did not put the Department of Redundancy Department out of business.

Facing north on 28 - back on the south side of the bridge

On the left are the quintessential Iowa interstate shields; the "shadows" are identical shields facing the other direction. On the right is the next set heading north, except this set's 35 doesn't have the state name, a rarity for two-digit standalone shields. (However, the newer 86th Street interchange has them all over the place.)

This Standard stood at the southeast corner of the intersection, near the Quality Inn. Within five months after this picture was taken, August 2002-January 2003, it had been replaced with the "buzzsaw" BP, like on the roof over the pumps.

Facing west on 80, but heading south on 35

Facing west on 80, but facing south on 35

Photo by Jason Hancock

Two lanes can exit the interstate, the rightmost marked as "Exit Only". The text is in a weird font (probably the funky font also used on US 18 around Mason City) and "Exit Only" in yellow blocks instead of the right half of the sign (including the arrow) being in yellow. The interstate shields are (or are nearly like) the pointier type seen on 28.

Facing east on 80, but heading north on 35

Facing east on 80, but heading north on 35

Old NORTH End: Stoplight, US 6/Hickman Rd., Des Moines/Windsor Heights, Polk County

Facing north on 28

Photo by Jason Hancock

This was the north end of 28 before it was extended to take up IA 401's route south of I-35/80.

Facing east on 6

This intersection is the northeast corner of the small, enclosed suburb Windsor Heights. Notice the "To I-35/I-80" sign after the intersection; along US 6 in Des Moines, they're more prevalent than US 6 shields. The "East" has taken a beating in the five years since Jason Hancock took a picture here.

Facing west on 6

SOUTH End: Stop sign/T intersection, IA 92, Martensdale, Warren County

Facing south on 28

Photo by Jason Hancock

Facing east on 92

Photo by Jason Hancock

This intersection has no mileage signs, which is odd considering 28 goes to Norwalk and Des Moines.

Facing west on 92 (a bit northwest in this view)

Facing west on 92

Closeup of shields at right

This is the southeast corner of what was a triangle intersection; part of the northwest side is now a city street.

Pictures by Neil Bratney: Second and third, 3/31/02

Pictures by Jason Hancock: Fourth, July 2003; ninth, May 2003; 13th, 16th, and 17th, June 2002

Pictures by me: First, fifth, sixth, and seventh, August 2002; eighth, 12/24/01; tenth-twelfth, 10/31/07; 14th, 8/1/07; 15th, 8/21/04; 18th and 19th (with closeup), 8/6/04

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