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(1932-July 1, 2003)

(Text is in present tense despite decommissioning)

WEST End: Stop sign, IA 14, Lucas County

Facing west on 253 with LGS

It always seems like the shields with smaller numbers are older ones. Perhaps there's a reason.

Facing north on 14

The southbound companion to the below assembly is at the far left.

Facing northeast-ish

The first and last standalone shield for 253 is visible on the far right, along with the LGS at its end.

Highway 253 is exceptionally short - officially less than a mile - and it does have the minimum number of shields needed - only eight total along its entire route! In situations like this, four of them are on the intersecting highway, one "Jct" and one arrangement like above for both directions. Two more are under each "End" sign, and the last two are the first shields across the road from those.

Technically, seven of those eight show up on this page. Four are easily visible, and the fifth is at the right of the above picture. The sixth has its back to us on the far left of the second picture up from here, only about four pixels wide, and somewhere in the distance of that picture is the seventh.

EAST End: Railroad tracks, Williamson, Lucas County

Facing east on 253

Facing west on 253 (across the tracks)

Not only is 253 the main street in Williamson, it's the only paved one! No other street in this tiny community is paved, and the pavement stops at the railroad tracks. The Williamson First Responders have adopted the entire highway.

Surrounding area information: Williamson school

The Williamson school, built in 1924, is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Last seen: 2003

All pictures by me: 6/1/02

Page created 11/28/02; last updated 2/21/04

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