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NORTH End: Stop sign, US 30 and N65, near Scranton, Greene County

Facing north on 25

Humble beginnings: This was the first end photo I took in western Iowa.

LGS in above picture

Facing west on 30; sign on right is in background of left

Both photos by Judy Morrison

Kind of in the ditch here; the intersection was asphalted in 2001, complete with turn lanes.

SOUTH End: Intersection, IA 2, Taylor/Ringgold county line

Facing south on 25

Photo by Neil Bratney

Left: Intersection in 1981; middle and right: Enlargement of signs in above picture

Topo map USDA/NRCS/MIT; photos by Neil Bratney

In 1981 this intersection was a T, with a large WB-SB curve and 25 ending (or joining 2) in the middle of it. The last assembly on 25 has a little redundancy instead of a single 2 shield with a left-and-ahead arrow. The background IA 2 shield has a Ringgold County sign on top.

Facing west on 2

Facing west on 2

Photo by Neil Bratney

Facing north on 2

The mile markers on 25 still count down to the Missouri line; the last one I saw as I traveled to the line was 7 (but I stopped after not seeing 6 and 5). On 25 itself, the first one you see is MM 10; use the current markers to tell you how far you'd be from Missouri OR subtract 10 to find out 25's (near-)actual mileage.

Old SOUTH End: Blockton, Taylor/Ringgold county line

(Well, it's around here somewhere...)

Facing south on 25

Photo by Neil Bratney

There's a bit of symmetry with the south ends of IA 25. Between 1932 and 1937, and then 1978 and 1980/early 1981, the south end of 25 was in Blockton. Between 1937 and 1978 the route extended to the Missouri state line, where it became a county road, like a few Missouri and Minnesota highways do today.

Facing south on 25?

Photo by Neil Bratney

Slightly to the south, at the top of the hill in the above picture, is J55 east to Redding. Two things may lend credence to this being the south end of 25: the DOT-style LGS, and the standalone county road shields. Perhaps the one at left once read "North 25"?

Facing north from the same place

Photo by Neil Bratney

There is a pavement change directly across from the bottom of the "Unfinished Shoulder" sign pole; perhaps that means something, perhaps not. Ditto the "Adopt a Highway" sign.

Pictures by me: All north end, 12/23/01; ninth and eleventh, 6/16/03

Pictures by Neil Bratney: Sixth, seventh/eighth (split image), tenth, and twelfth-fourteenth, 9/2/02

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