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NORTH End: 4-way stop, US 52 and IA 3, Luxemburg, Dubuque County

Facing north on 136

Photo by Jason Hancock

At this intersection, US 52 goes ahead and to the right, and IA 3 crosses the street, joining 52 to Dubuque.

LGS before "End" sign

Photo by Jason Hancock

Iowa 136 is a highway that begs to be split. Although it is signed north-south, half of it is in an east-west direction, turning in Oxford Junction. Between US 61 and Lost Nation, you are traveling southwest while going "north". I would split the road in Wyoming, where 136 shares a mile with IA 64, creating a north-south highway and an east-west highway, and probably assign new numbers to both parts.

Facing east on 3

Photo by Jason Hancock

This is not the end of IA 3, only the end of its own road. From here to Dubuque it is duplexed with US 52, probably to finish its status as a cross-state highway.

Facing south on 52

Photo by Jason Hancock

Facing west on 52/3

Photo by Jason Hancock

SOUTH End: Illinois state line, Clinton, Clinton County IA/Whiteside County IL

Facing north on 67 / Facing east, but heading south, on 136

In Clinton, 67 and 136 share 8 blocks, or 0.6 miles. Before the current bridge opened the two only shared 3 blocks. The first sign after the intersection is the last 136 sign in Iowa.

This is the bridge into Illinois, which replaced the Lyons-Fulton bridge in 1974. The Lincoln Highway originally came into Iowa on the Lyons-Fulton, which had 4 "through" trusses, one deck truss, and two trestle approaches (according to the Lincoln Highway Iowa Map Pack).

Facing west, but heading north, on 136

The first 136 sign in Iowa indicatest that it turns. Notice the "buzzsaw" BP at the intersection.

End Illinois 136

Facing east on 136

Illinois does an excellent job of signing the Lincoln Highway. I wish Iowa did the same.

I really like the LGS at this intersection.

The 30-136 intersection is exactly 4 miles into Illinois. And here the signage reflects the direction.

Pictures by Jason Hancock: Top two, 5/26/02; third, fourth, and fifth, 7/28/02

Pictures by me: All but top two, 5/25/02

Page created 9/14/02

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