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(April 30, 1923-January 1, 1991)

NORTH End: 3rd St., Woden, Hancock County

Facing north on 111

At this intersection, the white line stops and the pavement narrows. This is at the southwest corner of Woden, less than two miles from Winnebago County. Prior to this trip I thought the Gold-Eagle Cooperative was only in Goldfield and Eagle Grove, more than 35 miles to the south. To the south of this picture, a speed limit sign is low on the pole, probably because the city limits sign used to be there.

Facing south on 111

The entire route of this very long double spur (27 miles) is longer than Hancock County is tall (24 miles), yet because of the large westward turn stays entirely within the county. In 1990 the entire route was signed as R35, but the east-west part between Woden and Crystal Lake would have better been B16. To the 'right' is R20.

Facing east, but heading south, on 111

The double spur met US 18 in Britt, and then continued south to Kanawha.

SOUTH End: UP railroad tracks, Kanawha, Hancock County

Facing south on 111

Having previous experience in seeking out old ends of spurs, I postulated that 111 ended either at the south end of the business district or at railroad tracks. In this case, it was both. I wasn't sure at first, but a DOT-style LGS at B63 north of here, and then the sighting of mile marker 1 (on a wooden pole), confirmed my suspicions. The "End 111" sign most likely was attached to the light pole on the right. The town's slogan is "100 years and still on track!" but it's barely so, because the railroad no longer continues west of this intersection.

Last seen: 1991

Hancock County assumed control of the road at the beginning of 1991.

All pictures by me: 3/22/03

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