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(April 30, 1923-July 1, 2003)

NORTH End: Stop sign, US 6, Johnson County

Facing north on 109

LGS before above picture (Watch the!)

Facing east on 6

Photo by Jason Hancock

Facing east on 6 with "End 109" visible on left

Facing west on 6

The "Upper Old Hwy 6" sign confused me, along with a "Lower Old Hwy 6". Paving history indicates a new alignment for 6 was paved in this area in 1955.

Facing west on 6, post-decommissioning

Facing west on 6

SOUTH End: Iowa Interstate RR tracks, Oxford, Johnson County

Facing south on 109

Just south of the tracks, W38 goes west and south to meet I-80.

Last seen: 2003

Third picture by Jason Hancock: 12/21/01

All but third picture by me: 5/25/03

Pictures by me: First, second, fourth, fifth, and eighth, 5/25/03; sixth and seventh, 7/15/06

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