Me ...... In the Himalayas.


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This webpage started in 1999, when I came over to Japan to work after graduating. I've since left Japan, travelled around
Asia and Australia until my money ran out, went back to Ireland and worked there for a year, got made redundant and
now I'm back working in Tokyo again - hurrah !! - it's all been good so far .........

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These are some of the bigger bits of writing I've done.
You can go to them in the general page as well but
they're here for convienence and to give them some
prominence - after all that was a lot of typing .....

Two Week Magical Mystery Tour Around Japan

Some Of The Outdoor Trance Festivals in Japan.

4 Months Of Backpacking Around Southeast Asia

Irish Cottage Industries getting bullied out of existence by the
EU and burgeoning Globalisation.

My old front page if anyone is interested in seeing it ..............