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New South Wales

Gaelic Athletic Association


The New South Wales Gaelic Athletic Association

Has its headqurters at Princes Park, Princes Road West, (off Chisolm Rd) in the Sydney Suburb of Auburn. Every year from April to September the Sydney GAA Clubs battle it out for the Various honours of The League, The NSW Shield and The Championship.


Mens Gaelic Football (SF)

In Total There are Six Senior Football Teams which are The Irish Australians GFC, The Michael Cusacks, Young Ireland GFC, The Irish Rovers GFC, Clan na nGael-Eastern Sydney, and finally but certainly not least the Penrith Gaels.

Ladies Gaelic Football (LF)

There are at present just four teams in the New South Wales competition: The Irish Australians GFC, The Central Coast, Michael Cusacks and Clan na nGael-Eastern Sydney. The ladies football in Sydney has been a great success for some years now and it continues to get better despite the dominance of one team in particular. This is a sport that can really take off in Sydney as nearly all our non-Irish girls who play it absolutely love it. Two more teams in the ladies comp would really take it to greater heights.


The Hurling Competition at the moment has just three teams participating which is a pity but Hurling seems to struggle more for players in these parts with most of the OneYear Visa Irish prefering to play a season of Football instead. It makes it hard for the hurling residents of Sydney but fair play to them they keep the Clash Of The Ash a continuous sound each year at Auburn . Present teams in the Hurling Competition at the moment are Michael Cusacks, The Central Coast and The very popular Sydney Shamrocks. One could say that a fourth team is needed and The Irish Aussies have indeed considered the possibility of entering a fourth team into the battlefield, however to date we have had nobody willing to put his or her hand up and say they will do it. It is no easy job but the Club is willing to back anybody who might be interested in giving it a go. So if anyone knows anyone who is heading for Sydney long term and they like Hurling with an organising passion then please get in touch with us via email or snailmail.

Minor Football

Is not in a healthy state in New South Wales, Only ourselves and our friends at The Central Coast really ever made an effort to kick start a formidable Competition which eventually folded at the end of 1996. Penrith Gaels to their credit did try to field a minor team but it never materialised. Still! all is not lost just yet but for such a Competition to exist which would be ongoing we feel it should become a Sydney Schools Sport as has been experimented at Normanhurst Boys High. The potential is there but the right people are needed and the schools need to be approached with the idea. Other than that the NSW.GAA does manage to get a State Team together at the end of the GAA season after the kids have finished playing Rugby League and Soccer ????

State Games

Every year in Australia is the Australasian Championships which are held in a different State each year. The State teams are chosen from all the different Sydney clubs. Team Managers are appointed by the association. In 1998 they were played in Brisbane Queensland. In 1999 they are held in Perth Western Australia.




Please Note: The comments reflected on this page remain the opinions of the Irish Australians Gaelic Football Club only and are not necessarily those of the NSW.GAA themselves. All questions and enquiries should be directed towards the NSW.GAA Committee.