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Ice Age MUCK: Policy

Ice Age MUCK Policy Statement

March 30, 1999

By using this MUCK and server you agree to abide by all the policies listed below. It is required that you read this document prior to applying for a character: Ignorance of the policy will not excuse the user from its effects.

I. Server Security

Any action that threatens the integrity or security of Ice Age MUCK or its host server is strictly prohibited. This MUCK shall not be used as a means of transfering illegal material or information in any form.

II. Harassment

Harassment of any user for any reason is strictly prohibited. This includes but is not limited to: sexual harassment, threats, trying to get around page #ignore, etc. All incidents of harassment will be investigated and acted upon.

III. Player Privacy

All information given to Wizards will be held in strict confidentiality, with the exception of information requested in a legal proceeding. However, any and all activity on the MUCK may be monitored by the Wizards or Site Admin at any time.

IV. Sexual Content

This MUCK is meant to be used and enjoyed by players of all ages and sensitivities. Therefore, material of an “adult”(sexual) nature is not acceptable in the main MUCK areas. There are plenty of places online to find this sort of thing, Ice Age MUCK is not one of them. If you feel you must engage in this type of activity, go to a private room and LOCK THE EXITS.

The Wizards of Ice Age have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for any roleplay of sexual activity with a baby, cub, or adolescent character. On your first offense, both characters will be suspended, and on the second, they will be removed (@toaded). Likewise, any adult player (18 years or older) may not engage in sexual roleplay with a minor player (under 18 years of age). On the first offense, both players will be suspended, and on the second, both removed (@toaded). This is illegal in many states and we do not wish to jeopardize the MUCK or its host server.

V: Characters

There is a limit of 5 (five) characters allowed per player. Falsifying information on the character application for any reason may result in removal of your character.

Character names should be in the spirit of the MUCK. Names like “Graag” or “Sharpfang” are good, names like “Pikachu” and “Fred” are not.

VI. Building

All characters on the MUCK are able to build. However, all created rooms must adhere to basic quality standards: They must have at least one exit, and a description which is legible and suited to the room. “This is my room” is not a suitable description. Please talk to the wizards before beginning to build a large area, and if you need money for building, any wizard is able to give it to you.

VII. Realism

Ice Age MUCK tries to maintain a balance between “realism” and “fun”. The best way to describe the level of realism would be to imagine that there was a Disney movie made about the Ice Age. Characters are based on animals that actually existed (though not all at the same time or place) and they should act accordingly -- no magic wands, no telekinesis, etc. Likewise you should use what’s known about the animals whenever possible; for instance how big they were, whether they lived in groups, etc. While we don’t know for sure what they were like, we do have a good idea.

The only animals capable of building weapons and structures are Humans. However, remember that these are Ice Age humans and they don’t have cars, fax machines, sub-machine guns, or anything like that. Their culture is a simple hunting and gathering society, and they followed the herds for food.

While you are in the game (In-Character) area of the MUCK, you need to be in-character. It is disruptive and unfair to others who are trying to roleplay if people are carrying on an OOC conversation. Please be polite and use the OOC area, a private room, or the page command. Thanks.

These policies may be amended or added to at any time by the Wizards.

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