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Ice Age MUCK

Imagine a world twenty thousand years before our time...

The vast continent of North America is held in the frigid grasp of the Ice; endless glaciers cover the ground in layers up to several thousand feet thick. But somewhere on the open meadow, a thundering trumpet sounds as two mammoth bulls lock their tusks in combat.

Sunning on a nearby rock slab, a pride of smilodons turn to watch the terrible dance. A small tribe of early humans pause from their berry-gathering, and safe in her den, a mother dire wolf gives her cubs a reassuring nudge.

How will you survive?

Welcome to the Ice Age! We are a MUCK (multi-user chat kingdom) that allows you to experience life as it was so long ago: as a mighty mammoth, cunning wolf, savage sabretooth, or even a Native American.

We have been running since April 1999, and are seeking players to populate our realm!

Connect now!

Muck Documents

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Species List
Biological Info
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Meet the Staff!
Ice Age MUCK Gallery

Ice Age Resource Pages

Ice Age Mammals in Vancouver
George C. Page Museum (La Brea, CA)
The Mammoth Site
The Life and Times of Early Man (look under 'Cro-Magnon')

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