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E.V.P gallery 2

    We are not sure what this voice is saying. It sounds like a very young child. It was recorded at around midnight in a cemetery. "young childs voice"

    A dog at a house we were investigating, came up to one of the G.I.S. members, and a female voice says "I liked him"

    While inside a mausoleum, a man's voice says the name Roger. G.I.S. member Roger was just walking into the mausoleum when a female G.I.S. member, who was alone in the mausoleum, recorded this voice. "ROGER"

    A G.I.S. member was explaining a previous experience at a location to other G.I.S. members. A young child's voice says "Was ya sceered"

    While on an investigation in a cemetery, a childs voice says "can you talk with it"

    This was recorded right after a G.I.S. member complained about her camera flash not going off. It sounds like a mans voice with an accent "Buena Wella"

    In this clip you will hear Barbara say "I don't know where it's going to be watering next". Then a ghostly man's voice replys "right here"

    The link below is dedicated to the voices recorded in a northern utah cemetery. "Northern Utah Cemetery"

    This voice was also recorded by G.I.S. member Barry, it is a"Mans voice saying Gotcha"

    This voice was recorded by G.I.S. member Barry, it is a womans voice saying "The name Michael"

    This is the voice of a young boy recorded in a haunted train station. We believe the voice is saying "Come To Papa" and was recorded by G.I.S. member Barbara. "Come to Papa"

    This voice was recorded outside the same train station. It was recorded as G.I.S. member Barbara was standing outside her car, putting her equipment away, & getting ready to get into her car."sh*t please sit down"

    The man heard on this tape must not have been happy with us. One of our members, Barbara, had dropped her external microphone. As she picked it up, this voice was imprinted on her tape. "A$$ hole in my soul"

    This recording was taken while two G.I.S. members were walking back to their car after an investigation at an apartment complex. The voice is almost a growling and is fairly loud. We are not quite sure what the beginning of this voice says but the last word sounds like "here"."here"

    This E.V.P was recorded inside the Historic Radisson Hotel in Ogden,Utah. The reason this voice is so interesting is that we had smelled what seemed like a lilac perfume. One of our members asked what it smelled like & the voice replied "it's a white night". We have been told there was a perfume made by Mary Kay with that name a long time ago. Can anyone confirm this, please?"It's a white night"

    This voice is extremely interesting. It was recorded in an old theatre that used to be a church. The voice we recorded seems to actually be two voices and no one seems to be able to understand what they are saying. "????"

    This voice was recorded while investigating an old style Victorian home. A member had been talking about a past investigation we did at a historic farm house. While the member was mentioning something about the old farm house we picked up this voice. ?"It shouldn't be that old"

    G.I.S. member Roger recorded this voice in the cellar of an old victorian house. He had just asked for another G.I.S. member to turn on a flashlight because of water on the floor. "flashlight"

    The first voice you will hear is one of the G.I.S. members asking another member 'What time is it now?'. G.I.S. member Barbara recorded this ghost voice giving an answer. "eight"
    However, it was really eleven.

    The first voice speaking low and soft is G.I.S. member Roger's voice saying 'Thanks babe' to his wife, as she handed Roger a camera. G.I.S. member Barbara recorded this ghost voice responding " Yeah, I love it"
    He must have liked Roger's verbal affectionate gratitude

    G.I.S. member Barry recorded this child's voice while G.I.S. was conducting an investigation at an old western military fort that was established in the 1800's and is still in use today. Barry was in the museum, which used to be one of the barracks. When the curator of the museum was told about the childs voice that was recorded, he informed us that he had just learned a few weeks before that the women & children were kept in the basement of the barracks for their own safety "It's dark in here"
    By the way, the lights were on when Barry recorded this voice. Maybe it is dark where this child's ghost is (?)

    This voice was recorded by G.I.S. member Barry while conducting the same investigation at the old military fort. Barry was in the basement of one of the old barracks, and had just asked the ghosts if they could tell him a name when he recorded this reply. "Maybe if you got it"

    A lady accompanying The G.I.S. on an investigation had just purchased a new audio tape recorder and was showing it to G.I.S. members. One of the other members asked her if it came with an external microphone. The lady and two members of The G.I.S. recorded this voice responding. "Now read it"
    Some of us believe that the ghost is referring to the manual that came with the recorder. The WAV file used here was recorded by G.I.S. member Barbara.

    This voice was recorded by G.I.S. member Jenny in the afternoon at an old pioneer cemetery. A couple of the G.I.S. members had just gotten back from a long travel, and the feeling was happiness and excitement to everyone shortly after all the members had arrived. This voice sounds like a child's voice, speaking very fast. There were no children anywhere in or near the cemetery. "Whata ya got? Come over here"
    Because of how fast it is speaking, we are really not sure of what it is saying, but this is what it sounds like to us.

    This creepy voice was recorded by G.I.S. member Barbara. She and G.I.S. member Jenny was standing on one of the roads inside of a cemetery one night on an investigation. Barbara had just complained how her infrared camera kept going out of focus when this voice told them "You go now"

    G.I.S. member Roger had just said that he hoped the ghosts would talk with us. G.I.S. member Barbara recorded this voice asking him "What is it for?"

    The first voice you will hear is G.I.S. member Roger, complaining 'I haven't seen nothing so far' (referring to the infrared camera). G.I.S. member Barbara recorded this ghost asking him "Are you sure?"