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Upon The Point Of Death


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A Human Being

A Site Devoted To
The Issues of Life and Death
One Creation Under God


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The Issues of Life

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[N.B. The following poem regards physical, not spiritual death.]
Any type of death is neither advisable, nor rewarding.


Upon the Point of Death

A Phase shall soon begin to ebb,
Which now appears to rise
To blacken all the golden spheres -
Entomb the massive skies

The leaders of this damnéd troupe
Believe that death can sail.
But it will crush their feeble whim.
Then all their hope shall fail.

No need to run headlong into
The thief with arms outstretched.
For time will bring it soon to pass;
And you (its prey) shall catch.

No more the interruptions streaming -
Stalwart callow scale.
Death shall arrest deceiving mouths
And rend in twain the veil.

And silky time - that embalmed shrine -
Was shattered on the floor.
While quarks and neurons razor breath
atom Lie waiting at the door. orbit

No more the shuttered windows vast -
Like clouds against the sky.
For truth shall shred the scornful past
And lighten every eye.

No more the lies which cloud men's minds And withhold useful breath.
For all shall fully be revealed
Upon the point of death.
--Compiled from the cries screamed from the nethermost of hell itself.

(Proof that this is possible:
"For great is thy mercy toward me: and thou hast delivered my soul from the lowest hell." -- Psalm 86:13
And, "Thou hast laid me in the lowest pit, in darkness, in the deeps." -- Psalm 88:6 )
Heard and written by Eric Strobel
Addendum -- That which must first die is pride.
Then, most which lies beyond death's door may be clearly viewed
without dying.

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