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My name is Chibi-usa.The beautiful white horse is originally a boy named Elios.We always talk with each other when nobody is around.
I first met Elios in my dream.I was in a beautiful forest,a beautiful white horse was standing,looking at me.Suddenly,i was transformed into my princess form.I tried to touched him,but then he suddenly disappeared.
Oh,yes.I haven't introduce myself in detail,sorry!My name is chibi-usa as you know.I was come from the 30th century.I live in Crystal Tokyo in the future.Everyone called me Small lady,as i'm the future princess of Moon.My mother is the Neo Queen Serenity,who's usagi in the 20th century. My father is King Edymon.
Do you want to know my attacks?Let me start with the least powerful one:In Sailor Moon R:Kitty Magic;SailorMoon S:Moon Prism Power,Pink Sugar Heart Attack;Super S:Moon Crisis,Twinkle Yell; In Sailor Moon Super S' anime,Elios said that my dream is very beautiful.The brightness of my dream is the only thing that can be seen by him.
Please don't take any pics on this page.They are copyright by others!The layout of this page is owned by Cherry Ho.The Shrine is made completely on the 8th of Feb,2000.Thanks for visiting my page! I finally can enjoy my BigBig summer holiday!After all those terrible exams,I'll continue to expand my Shrine.Although the SM tv series has come to an end,i believe the SM scouts still exist in SM fans like us!So,i'll keep my promise as i've made at What's NewAlthough there maybe some slight changes,i'll use my effort to make the shrine as pretty and informative as possible.If u've any suggestions on my coming shrine,u're most welcome to send an e-mail to me at May,2003
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