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Punk and Ska

What can I say? I like this music, and I like the scene. I like the fact that nobody cares how much my pants cost or how popular other people are. From my point of view, it's a music scene that doesn't care about superficial bullshit. Of course, there are some people who dwell on incredibly stupid issues, such as who is "punk" and who isn't, but really people, who gives a fuck?! I sure don't! I just want to enjoy the music and have fun.

One of the many things I like about the music and the scene is the fact that a lot of people are at least somewhat educated about political issues. There are so many people who aren't even the slightest bit aware of things going on in this world, and some people that aren't educated on the causes they do or do not even happens in the punk/ska scene, though I'd say to a lesser extent.

Now, with this said, I've got some punk and ska links here...

Disclaimer: I KNOW this page sucks so far....i'm going to be working a lot on this section to make it better. page has a links for ezines, an uncensored messageboard, band links and more, all relating to punk and ska.

Punk Guitar Archive-Contains guitar tabulature for various punk (mostly) and ska bands out there. cool and MATURE take on what anarchy should be.

Interpunk-A huge online punk store.

Punkworld-Disneyworld for punks!!! Heh, basically a community for punks...

International House of Ska-The International House of Ska contains information on most well known ska bands around the world.

Bands I Like (in no particular order)

(Bleh, I've got no time to be putting up shrines to all of these bands, so I've provided some decent links to them instead)


Anti-Flag-This is their own site, so any information about their shows printed on here should be fairly reliable.

Unoffical Anti-Flag Online-Bio, albums, lyrics, tabs, reviews, photos, mp3s, and more.

Against All Authority

AAA Online-Against All Authority's official page, which has mp3s of a lot of their songs...and the mp3s were okayed by the band, too, so if you email AAA, you can legally put them up on your site as well.

Against All Authority Homepage-Lots of stuff on here, too...including AAA midis..@_@ They sound a little bizarre, but oh well.

Strung Out

The Unofficial Strung Out Page: has tabs, soundclips, news, and other stuff

Another Unofficial Strung Out Site: has pics, tour dates, a message board, and more.

American Lie: A Strung Out Page: pics, reviews, interviews, lyrics, sounds, etc.

Screeching Weasel

The Home of the Screeching Weasel-Contains prettymuch everything you'd ever want to see about Screeching Weasel. They even have games that you can play!

Leigh's Screeching Weasel Page-A Screeching Weasel page.

Mustard Plug

Mustard Plug--ONLINE!!-Mustard Plug's official site

Brianne's Tilt Page-This page is PACKED with stuff on Tilt!

Adam's Tilt Page-A lot of stuff as well, including very recent real audio samples


If the Lunachicks Ruled the World...-A little page on the Lunachicks

Buttplugs! Doughnuts! Sporks! YEAH!!!-A page dedicated to the Lunachicks

Operation Ivy

Operation Ivy-A page with a biography, lyrics, tab, pictures, and album covers

Operation Ivy-Much like the other page, but contains sounds as well

Marilyn's Vitamins

Raw Energy-The Vitamins' label with a page devoted to the band, you can also find a page run by the band in that section.

Jughead's Revenge

Jughead's Revenge Site-News, sound clips, pics, FAQ

Slapstick-This site prettymuch has it all, however it has ceased to be updated as of June 18th, 1999, so don't expect new stuff to appear on there. There's plenty of pictures to look at, sounds to here, etc. anyhow.

The Official No Use For A Name Page-pics, sound files, lyrics, tabs, mailing list, and more.

Hoodrat's Official Site-Run by the band, so all information regarding shows should be reliable.


Causes I Support

ARA Toronto-The Anti-Racist Action is one of the main causes I choose to support. They have several goals, one of them being to maintain a hatred free, diverse society. You can download some free anti-racist art from them as well.


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