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Brandon's WcW Mayhem Page

Brandon's WcW Mayhem Page

Added SuperBrawl 2000 PPV code, Added some mayhem creations

last Sunday March 5, 2000

Welcome to My WcW Mayhem web page. Please enjoy the things on here. WcW Mayhem is a good game. WcW mayhem has various numerous of weapons. Some of the weapons are a Tazor and a Chair and a Table and a Sign and Trash Cans and Wooden Bats and metal Bats and Sinks and more. There is full theme entrances of every wrestler and some of the wrestlers have there own theme music. There are hidden wrestlers. To unlock the hidden wrestlers you have to levels on quest for the best mode. There is also Main Events. Main Events is where you can Choose the ring you want and what time limit, and also what kind of match rules you want to have. Like Raven's Rules or pin anywhere and more. Also you can Pick if you want to have a singles match, or an Handicap Match or Triangle or Tag-Team Battle Royal and more. You can fight in the back. Like in the Locker Room and in the Parking Lot and in the restrooms. You can fight other places to. Some times there are run ins and sometimes they are on your side and sometimes they are not. Also you can create a wrestler. You can create different kinds of wrestlers. You can create you own kind of wrestler or you can create some of wcw wrestlers. Some of them are Hak,Damian,Super Calo,Brian Adams,Jerry Flyn. You can create more of them to. Thank you for coming to my WcW Mayhem web page, please come back again.

News on WcW Mayhem 2 and if there will be one.

I think There will be a wcw mayhem 2. Some of the wrestlers that will be in the game will be Goldberg,Rey Mysterio Jr. and more. I am not for sure when it is supposed to come out if it does wich I hope. There will be weapons and also a backstage area. I think each wrestler will have two costumes. Like Hulk Hogan would have his yellow and red costume and his nwo costume If the wcw belts are in the game I think there will be the world belt and the cruiserweight belt and the u.s belt the Tv belt and I think the Tag Team belts might be in the game. I am not for sure. If there is a referee you might be able to knock him out. I think that you will be able to fight in the crowd. I am not for sure. There might be cage matches I not for sure of that either. If there is a wcw mayhem 2 I sure hope it is fun. If wcw mayhem 2 comes out I will have a webpage on it to.

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