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WC0A Fred's Home Page

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Hi, my name is Fred A. Neff, located in Mt. Pleasant, IA. Have been ham since 1983 and became extra class in 1987; my call is WC0A. I am on medical retirement from General Electric after 25 years.My hobbies are photography, train watching.and chasing; watch Amtrak load passenger most nights. Also I am the local vec for the Mt. Pleasant Radio Club. I do a lot of dxing and have my dxcc, was and wac; need Asia on 40 meters for 5 band wac. I have 4 kids and 5 grandkids from NY to CA, trying to see the 48 mainland states and have been in at least 40, two new ones this year, visiting and spoiling grandkids in CA. I also am interested in Operation Lifesaver, safety at railroad crossings, as I see near misses every night. I belong to Skywarn and am trained in tornado spotting. Have several other ham radio awards, worked all states on 80 meters with Geratal number 1391 and worked all 13 Canadian Providences and Canadian award 2/80 number 183. If you have any comments or suggestions e-mail me at wc0a@juno.com. God bless and hope to hear from you soon.

Fred WC0A@juno.com

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