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Adventureland Amusement Park

Welcome to my Adventureland page.I hope you enjoy your visit. Singer/Dancers and Instrumentalists Adventureland needs you!!! Contact Aland for more info.Adventureland is closed till 2010 seanson;-)Season passes on sale now for only $95.00 till the end of May 2010.

Season passes for 2010 are now on sale only $95.00! These passes make a great gift. Adventureland will be expanding its waterpark area for 2010. The water park will include a lazy river and water slides. Adventureland did it again for 2008 the park now includes a waterpark with admission. This is a great addition to an already amazing park. The waterpark is called Kokamo kove and is fun for the hole family with multiple waterslides and a huge bucket that dumps when filled. Make sure to bring your swimming trunks! Adventureland has two new rides for the 2006 season. check out the new for 2006 section of the website for information on the rides. Also take a look at my links page. And if your looking for a job this summer check out the jobs section. Thanks for your visit come back soon!

There are over 100 rides,shows,and attractions at Adventureland. Here is just a few of them.On the left is the ride G-Force,this ride spins you all over the place,so dont eat alot before you ride this one. On the right, is the Raging River,one of two water rides there,and one of the best! On the bottom is the Galleon, which is very good.

G-FORCERaging River

Made in 1999, is the Space Shot! Twelve riders are blasted up 200 ft. in the air,accelerating from a dead stop to 45mph creating around 4G's on take-Off. It takes less then 3 seconds to reach the top. This great new ride is just one more reason to come on down to Adventureland for a great day!

Space Shot

Here are singers at the food stand "Soda and sounds". There are many more shows and attractions such as Ben Ulins Magic Show,which is,in my opinion, the best.There is also a great circus, which is free with admission. Returning for 2006,there going to have Adventureland Mascots will be there to entertain your kids!What's here?Oh no... the bumper cars!:-) On the bottom is the Falling Star, a great 50 foot ride that spins in circles. There are plenty of food stands, so you won't get hungry. The best part of Adventureland are the roller coasters:Tornado,Outlaw,Dragon,and the Super Screamer, sold but will always be remembered. Pics of these will be coming in about a month.If you visit Adventureland look for me,I just might be working! I'll see you then!

Soda and SoundsBumper Cars
Falling Star

Here is a picture of the DRAGON(the steel coaster)and in the background you can see the TORNADO(the wooden coaster).The Dragon has a 90 ft. hill and gets to speeds of 60+mph. You go through two loops and into a couple of sharp corners, then you're back to the station ready for more! The Tornado is one of the best wooden roller coasters that I have ever ridden. It has six+ wonderful hills.Go ride the Tornado first, I would.

Dragon and Tornado
Here is some more info.about Adventureland.
Camping JOBS New for 06!
Alands Inn more pics LINKS

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I,I'm in no way affilated with Adventureland Amusement Park On I-80 & Hwy.65